All In The Details: Top Minimalist & Scandinavian Design Accessories

When it comes to minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired design, it’s important to remember that design is all about the details! You may have a sleek, modern sofa, like Furniture Maison’s fabulous Nova sofa, but the whole look can be completely transformed with accessories and other items in the space. To fully realize your modern and contemporary space, take a look at some of our favorite home accessories that keep that fresh, mid-century modern, Scandinavian feel!


1) A Minimalist Vase

 We’ve talked before about how great adding some greenery can be to a home, and we love the aesthetic that a beautiful vase can add to a room. The simple but sensuous curves of the Aalto vase, designed by renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, premiered in 1937 at the Paris World’s Fair, and has been an international classic ever since. Its shape adds visual interest and personality, while its transparent or translucent glass means that it almost disappears on your favorite piece of midcentury modern furniture.  

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2) Simple, Clean Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are one of the easiest and most practical ways of adding a design sensibility to a space -- we all need light! Whether you’re looking for a ceiling-hung pendant fixture, a wall-mounted sconce, or a floor or table lamp, it’s best to focus on crisp, clean forms in a color that is either a compliment or a contrast to other pieces in your space. 

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3) Streamlined Storage

Let’s face it: everyone has stuff in their rooms that they just can’t get rid of, but that somehow make their homes feel messier, fuller, and… less minimalist. The easiest way to hide your junk -- and give off the illusion that everything is all nice and tidy! -- is to invest in some beautiful, Scandinavian-inspired baskets and boxes. Rather than looking at stacks of old magazines, pens, keys, wedding invitations, and other odds and ends, you’ll only be seeing the smooth surfaces of your storage pieces

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4) You Are What You Eat & Drink (From)

In spaces like a kitchen or dining room, the plates, glasses, and silverware are crucial objects, and they’re also ways to pack in a lot of style at a small scale. Even if you try and keep your housewares hidden away in cabinets, chances are, you have a glass of water or a plate of cookies out on the kitchen counter or on your dining room table nearly all the time... So why not make sure those essentials are pieces you love, and that go with the light, airy feel of the rest of your home? 

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5) Coaster Culture

Of course, while we try to slip most of our knick-knacks in beautifully-designed containers and baskets, there are those items that we just can’t hide, that need to sit out on the table -- like a coaster or trivet. You’ll want your coasters to be subtle design statements; we love it when they’re made out of natural materials like treated wood, stone, or ceramic tile to keep the Scandinavian-inspired ethos.

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6) Comfy Cushions, Plush Pillows

Despite being known for its minimalist aesthetic, it’s important to keep Scandinavian design and mid-century furniture comfortable! Seat cushions and pillows are an easy way to add comfort and style with a collection of simple but bold patterns in contrasting colors and shapes.


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 While you may think that the biggest part of decorating a space is the larger pieces, like a midcentury modern sofa, a rug, or a dining table, the truth is that the smaller items -- everything from light fixtures to plates, coasters to storage bins -- matter just as much! If you want to elevate your space to truly have that bright, airy, natural, Scandinavian-style feel, make sure you don’t forget the details, and make sure you have fun doing it!


Kate R.

Kate is a New York-based architect and preservationist, with a love for all things design! 


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